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The Manthan Award-2011 Digital Inclusion for Development South Asia

Plz.open:www.manthanaward.org and winner-2011

District Administration got the Manthan Award on 3th December-2011




Original Title: Agriculture Khasland Management Information System (AKMIS)
Media Format: MIS & Web based
Website: www.naogaon.gov.bd
Producer: Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed ADC(Revenue),Office of the Deputy commissioner, Naogaon
Language: Bangla & English
Location: Naogaon, BANGLADESH
Contact: adcrnaogaon@gmail.com




The AKMIS project aims to empower the landless people by providing agricultural Khasland so that they can live smoothly and generate income by cultivating this land. The initiative’s mission is to provide effective and efficient service to the landless people of Naogaon district in Bangladesh, through proper distribution of agricultural Khasland by using improved customized database software.
The software application has two modules : Agricultural Khasland Management Information System (AKMIS) and Agricultural Khasland Settlement Information System (AKSIS). Former is responsible for the management and the distribution of the entire dispute free agricultural Khasland to landless people as per government instructions. The latter is responsible to avoid all duplication of Khasland Settlement, to avoid long time procedure of Khasland settlement (Distribution) and to implement the Government’s decision promptly i.e. to make Khasland settlement procedure harassment & corruption free.





The Jury observed that this project provides effective and efficient service to the disadvantaged (landless) people of Naogaon district, through proper distribution of land. It has also noted that so far the Project has enabled successful distribution 185.21 acres of agricultural Khasland among 1290 landless people in the district. If the same Project can be replicated in all the Upazila land offices in the country, it would greatly benefit the poor landless people and enable them to generate income. The Jury also noted that the Any grievance redressal would be easier in this initiative as the project provides interactions directly from the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Naogaon which is an added advantage for the end users.